We are a traditional wood exporting company, which mainly deals in the export of sawn softwood ,Scrap copper ,A4 Paper ,Used Car ,Pallets,Charcoal ,Cream Milk , Etc,to the Levant and the Middle East.

  • The company was founded in 1945 by Mr. MR.Dmytro Boyko.
  • Since 1990, after working at his parents’ company for 13 years, the current owner, MR. Dmytro II is overseeing his own company’s steadily course of expansion.
  • The next generation, Dmytro Boyko III, already entered the business beside his studies.

The company is today one of the leading suppliers of sawn softwood to the Middle East and North and Eastern African countries. Markets in other countries are, of course, also being developed.

Convince yourself of our service and the quality of our products. Benefit from our experienced team.


Export Price 2016 – The 21th of June our Company has been awarded with the Gold Medal in the Category Commerce by the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna

From the leftPresident of Federal Chamber of Commerce Dr. Christoph charles , CEO KR Alfred Vesely, CFO Susanne Vesely, KR Karl john (Chamber of Commerce), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austrian Commercial Attache Mmag. Markus Haas

Silver Medal of Honor awarded on 06th December, 2012

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